Health Archive
Website from Penn State
University on all things noise. 
Funded by FAA and NASA.
Case study of Boston Logan
runway 33L RNAV SID. 
Downloadable .pdf
Denmark study on the
prevention of adverse effects of
noise on children.
A FICAN study examines the
effect aircraft noise has on
children's learning.
A Transportation Research
Board report on various noise
studies around the world.
Study of airport noise and its
cardiovascular effects. (full text
must be purchased).
A study examining the
physiological effects of night
noise on the body.
Study examining the rise of
stress hormones in the body
accelerated by noise.
FAA sponsored review of
literature as it relates to health
and aircraft noise.
An MIT academic, industry and
govt collaborative studying
aviation noise and emissions.
London, UK study on the non-
auditory effects of noise in our
A 2011 London, England study
on the effects of nocturnal
aircraft noise on human health.
Joint university study on
hypertension in the elderly
caused by aircraft noise.
The full study (see "Elderly at
Risk" above) published in the
British Medical Journal.
The health consequences of
aircraft noise - an examination
of several studies.
The U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency's website on
aircraft emissions.
EPA study on air pollution
emitted from sub-sonic aircraft
in the United States.
Link to study on Boston Logan
noise issues, conducted by
Massport, FAA and the CAC.
Boston Massport article on
sound proofing db requirements
for homeowners.
Cornell University study
discussing effects of aircraft
noise on children's reading.
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Francesca Dominici's noted
research on airplane noise and
heart disease.
Boston University's School of
Public Health study on the
effects of noise on sleep.
The EPA's 1974 report on levels
of noise requisite to protecting
public health.
Noise in New York.  How dB
levels were instituted and why
they need to be revamped.
Mental and Physical Health
Effects of Noise, Regulating and
Mitigating Noise.
Congressional Quiet Skies Caucus
NQSC Home Page
National Petition
Archives/Information Exchange
World Health Organization
training package on children's
health and the environment.
A study aimed at assessing the
relationship between aircraft
noise and hypertension.
Health consequences of
exposure to aircraft noise
including hypertension.
Aircraft Noise and its effect on
children's cognition and health:
a cross-national study. (Abstract)